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6 Sep 2018

Destinations amicales françaises


Lire en anglais Les traces du patrimoine français sont partout visibles dans la Paroisse St-Landry. Le guide touristique en français, les enseignes, journaux, et menus, les dictons de tous les jours, ainsi que nos noms de famille temoignent de ce passé et présent. Partout dans la paroisse, on entend fréquemment parler le français cadien et le français créole. Les programmes de radio tels que Bonjour Louisiane et Rendez-vous des Cajun sur KRVS et KBON sont émis en français. C’est en partie grâce aux efforts de la NUNU Arts & Culture Collective que le français louisianais [...]

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6 Sep 2018

French Friendly Destinations


Lire en français The evidence of our French heritage is everywhere you look in St. Landry Parish. From our visitor guide en français, signs, newspapers, and menus to everyday phrases and our surnames, French culture and language are on full display here. Throughout the parish, it’s very common to still hear both Cajun and Creole French being spoken today. Radio stations like KRVS and KBON feature programs such as Bonjour Louisiane and Rendez-vous des Cajun that are broadcast en français. Part of the effort to keep Louisiana French alive in the area is evident thanks to NUNU [...]

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27 Aug 2018

Accordions are cool! SLPTC installs an art piece, instrumental to our culture.


 Opelousas, LA — The St. Landry Parish Tourist Commission (SLPTC) has installed a new art piece, the “Key of ‘C’ Accordion” kiosk. The kiosk is a unique concept that combines art, construction, design, and modern technology. It is an exciting addition to the center’s collection, which includes the Amédé Ardoin Commemorative. The accordion allows the user to […]

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19 Aug 2018

Cajun Spirit. Creole Soul. – A Brief History of St. Landry Parish, Louisiana


"St. Landry Parish, Louisiana is a place with Cajun spirit and Creole soul. Thumb through any St. Landry Parish phone book and you’ll see surnames that indicate a gumbo of ethnicities – French, Spanish, German, African, Irish, Native American and more, but many residents also celebrate their Cajun and Creole heritage. Cajuns are descendants of the Acadians, who were evicted from the region of Nova Scotia in the mid-1700s, after their continued refusal to swear allegiance to the British crown.  Many of these Acadian exiles landed in south Louisiana, [...]

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19 Jul 2018

Culinary Traditions on the Prairie Home Cooking Trail


Holy Ghost Creole Festival Bazaar in Opelousas, Louisiana Whether it’s along small country roads or amongst the bustle of town, you can’t go anywhere in St. Landry Parish without seeing food. Travel along scenic byways and find soybean fields, rice bins, and a cascade of bright red crawfish traps bobbing on glistening ponds. Head into town and there’s no escaping the mass of specialty meat markets, boudin and cracklin stops, and eateries. So, what made this particular region of Southwest Louisiana a foodie’s paradise, populated with enough [...]

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19 Jun 2018

Bringing Amédé Home – About the Amédé Ardoin Commemorative


March 11, 2018, nearly 500 music fans, locals, and Ardoin family members welcomed Amédé home. Bringing Amédé Home was a symbolic event honoring one of Louisiana’s most iconic musicians, Amédé Ardoin. The ceremony featured a candlelit Remembrance Vigil, a Bal du Dimanche après-midi (Sunday afternoon house dance), and the unveiling of the Amédé Ardoin Commemorative. “In the 1920s and ‘30s, Amédé crafted tunes that poured the foundation for Cajun music and zydeco… If you find a Cajun band that doesn’t know the Lacassine Special, make a citizen’s arrest. The only Cajun songs probably more [...]

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3 May 2018

Town of Sunset Unveils the Zydeco Rubboard


Sunset, LA — The sun is always rising in Sunset, Louisiana, a community known for its local artisans and numerous antique shops. On Tuesday, May 22, 2018, at 10am, the Town of Sunset will unveil its first public art piece, the Zydeco Rubboard. This 4×6 ft. sculpture, created by local welder Pat Miller, will be revealed on the north-west corner of Duffy Avenue and Napoleon Avenue, just off of Interstate 49. […]

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